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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q

    Is It Free To Submit a Product?

    Yes, the submission process is free. But your product has to have an affiliate program, so we can earn a commission for promoting your product. The commission rate doesn't matter.

  • Q

    How Long Does The Product Get Listed For?

    As long as you want it up. You can contact us at any time for us to remove it. If the product is no longer for sale, and we get a report of this, we'll remove it.

  • Q

    Where Does My Product Need To Be Listed at?

    You'll need to have your product either listed a ClickBank, JvZoo or WarriorPlus. We don't accept any other affiliate networks. Contact us if you unsure and need more answers.

  • Q

    How Do I Submit a Product?

    That's simply. Press the green button above and fill in the form on the next page. We'll review it within 2-48 hours. Once approved, we will add it to the Product Lobby platform.

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    How To Get On Your Featured Category?

    Upon reviewing your product, our team will select high-quality products with great valued for our members to be entered into the featured category.

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    How To Get Listed On the Front Page?

    All products once new will have a short period on the front page within the “Newest Product” section. If a product has been highly regarded by our members and our team, we'll add it on the front page within the “Featured Products” section.

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