This product is from the same guys who brought to you “Landing Page Money”. Rapid Mailer will help you build large lists and boost your online profits by letting you take control of your emails. This is a WordPress plugin that is the ultimate self-managed autoreponsder to help you maximize your email marketing.

If you already have “Landing Page Money” then this product will compliment it, but if you don’t it’s not necessary. Having said all that, the best thing about this plugin is Rapid Mailer makes sure your emails REACH your users Inbox.


Many of the top online marketers realize that Rapid Mailer is such a powerful, flexible alternative to overly charged monthly email services. But with this plugin, it's a one-time fee, therefore no more monthly expenses.

Some great benefits you'll find using Rapid Mailer:

1. Zero monthly fees which saves you a fortune in autoresponder costs.

2. Unrestricted importing and mailing for full control of your campaigns.

3. Create profitable paid mailing lists instantly (No one else does this!).

4. New marketing friendly, ultra-simple setup... Be up and running fast.

5. Full email statistics and click tracking for ultimate campaign tracking.

Here some more benefits...

1. You're in FULL control.
2. Unlimited campaigns.
3. Full stats and tracking.
4. Paid mailing lists.
5. Integrates directly with WordPress.
6. Rapid importing with No Restrictions.
7. Highly profitable paid lists.
8. Amazing statistics and tracking.
9. Awesome email themes and templates.