This niche has a cult following and gets millions of searches a month. Yoga is a hot topic that caters to all ages and across many niches tap into a niche that has customers desperately seeking information.

Here's what you can do with this PLR:

Take the eCover that is created and make it unique some way. You can change the name, change the colors or change the image.

Put your name and branding on the eCover.

Add it to your site as an Opt-In.

Create a 7-day email autoresponder series and a 7-day blog series out of the articles that are included.

Go through the articles included and find two that are related. Make one a blog post and the other an email. Do this until you have 7 days of emails and blog posts.

Don't forget to link to the blog post in each email.

Also, make an opt-in form specific for this series and at the bottom of each related blog post put the opt-in form. Let them know they can get the sequence sent directly to their in-box and they will be made aware as soon as another post is available in this series.


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