WordPress site owners with multiple sites or blogs. This must-have web app lets you manage all your WordPress sites from one single dashboard.

Now you can manage your content, images, videos, plugins, themes and all WordPress updates at once.

Managing multiple WordPress sites can quickly become a tedious process. Logging into each site to update WordPress. Having to update plugins and themes every time there is a new version...

Having to manage comments and various WordPress actions can get too much to manage.


Your one single dashboard to manage, update and grow all your Wordpress sites. Now manage unlimited sites with this software.

Here's what Wordpress site owners like you have to do regularly:

  • Install Plugins and Themes.

  • Manage Users and Content / Posts and Pages.

  • Manage Media - Images, and Videos.

  • Change Wordpress Settings and Update Software.

  • Manage Categories and Tags.

And many other tedious tasks that you have to do every day.

I personally own over 100 Wordpress sites and doing all this had become a massive pain for me. Every solution I found was charging monthly fees (and it was expensive)

Per site fees... per month fees and additional fees for multiple users etc.