What is whiteboard video fortune?

Whiteboard Video Fortune is a mind-blowing package of 40 done-for-you doodle videos in 10 hot, profitable offline niches that love to buy leads.

  • 10 whiteboard videos.
  • 10 blackboard videos.
  • Requested by our customers 20 Facebook-optimized square videos.

Originally, I only provide traditional 16:9 videos. But recently, my customers reached out to me and asked for Square videos that are easier to view on Facebook and other social networks. So I did this special version that is added to 20 square videos.


The videos are made with my special animation technique that is rare in the market. But even more important, my special technique converts visitors into live phone calls.

Boring whiteboard videos are everywhere out there, but the animations you see below will satisfy even the most critical business owners.