Discover, post, engage, automate and monetize. Octosuite will mass automate the top tasks needed for viral traffic and sales on Facebook in under 60 seconds. Octosuite is the worlds first complete management and mass automation and engagement tool. That will send your fan pages and groups viral and removing the need for ever having to post an update again.


Octosuite is the world's only Facebook tool that will mass automate the top tasks needed for viral traffic and sales on complete autopilot, 24/7.

Automate your fan pages in seconds

Find the most viral, recent & liked content from multiple social networks then 1 Click Post to your chosen locations.

Automate your entire months content in seconds

Octosuite is the first tool to let you not only post, schedule and even drip feed to multiple fan pages and groups at once.

World's first Facebook group mass joiner and poster

Not only can you post to multiple FB fan pages at once, you can also bulk post to FB groups (Even ones you are not an admin of).

Watch the views, comment, and views come in live

With your content mass posting and engaging with your audience you will be able to instantly watch your target audience engage with you LIVE.

100% set and forget

Octosuite is cloud based, simply log in, find your content, hit post or schedule, close your computer and go to sleep and let octosuite do the rest.

Never worry about finding content again

Octosuite finds the most viral content from multiple social networks in seconds, allowing you to then 1 click edit the proven viral content and post to your fan pages.

Make 5-6 figures a month with a single fan page instantly

Octosuite enables you to have your fan pages become money making machines by having the right content be sent into your target markets feed for free, driving them to any site to make sales instantly.