As you know I only promote products that I think are high quality and offer amazing value so here is something that may interest you. If you've been looking for a simple, fun, and a unique profitable home based online business that is both newbie friendly and highly profitable, you should check out this latest new release by self-publishing expert Andy Charalambous.

In this unique children’s early learning workbook publishing course, Andy shows you how to capitalize on the HUGE popularity of children’s education books… mainly Basic Concept workbooks. These workbooks are “Low Content” books…. which means there is almost ZERO writing involved.

The children’s early learning workbook niche is massive and yet it is not that difficult to break into for the first time. Andy will show you how you can profit from this high demand market by publishing top quality, professional children’s workbooks that sell like gangbusters on Amazon.

With Andy’s course, you will learn...

  • 2 powerful methods for putting these types of books together.

  • How to use the amazing FREE online tool that will create your book content.

  • Through the use of images, text instructions, and videos, how to create your book in the simplest way possible.

  • How to create great looking book covers, in a matter of minutes, for free…no skill needed.

Andy also provides examples of good covers and lays out some top cover creation tips. Andy takes you step by step through this simple business model in such a way that anyone can make money. You can make fantastic residual profits from Amazon.

That's Not All. Andy has also provided you with an exclusive valuable bonus that will increase your chances of getting those passive income book royalties. Andy also added an amazing, (optional), upsell to the main product which adds, even more, value to the original bonus and will help speed up the book creation process in the early stages while you are getting to grips with the course.

The bonus pack that comes with Kids Workbook Wealth is enough to make you want this addition to the main course!


Within the “Early Learning” category there are so many sub-niches that you can delve into when creating your books and all of those sub-niches are in-demand. There are books on practicing handwriting, learning new words, understanding numbers, learning how to count, learning the Alphabet, placing pictures with words and more.

Advantages Of Publishing kids early learning workbooks. Unlike children’s fiction books you don’t have to spend days or even weeks putting together a plan for a story or characters. Non-fiction children’s books, in general, are easier to create and kid’s workbooks are the easiest of them all.

This is in an evergreen market, which means that year after year these types of books continue to sell. This will provide you with ongoing book royalties long after you created your first book.

  • These books are high demand consumable products that will cost you zero dollars to create and can earn you a very good monthly income…while you sleep, literally.

  • There are millions of hungry buyers in this very lucrative niche market.

  • These workbooks are considered to be low content which means there is very little, if any, writing to be done. Create, copy, paste…done.

  • This is a niche that requires very little work yet provides a growing flow of consistent royalties without you having to spend much time and effort on promotion. Create what people want and these books will sell themselves.

  • A method that is so rewarding, straightforward and almost effortless that you will actually have fun with it.

  • Publishing kids workbooks provide you with a flow of residual income that continues to grow.

  • This is a method that gives you the freedom to earn what you deserve.

  • You can capitalize on this HOT and growing niche by building your own catalog of kid’s workbooks that will sell all year round.