Sick and tired of trying to send emails that don’t get delivered because they are not verified by Google and end up in the spam folder.

Next Generation Cloud-Based autoresponder is the First autoresponder with no Monthly Fees to send emails that Pass the Google Test and get a Trusted Sender Reputation.

If you are trying to send emails from your hosting SMTP and you don’t have automatic protocol verification's built into every email you send you are simply wasting your time.

Email marketing is the number 1 method to generate sales.

With an email list, you are never short of traffic and you don’t have to rely on SEO or Facebook to generate your income

With an email list, simply send an email and sit back and watch the sales come in. But and more and more marketers are seeing declining results. There is no question Email marketing is getting tougher. Open rates are steadily falling. Spam at an all-time high.

Autoresponder companies clamping down making it even harder to get results.

So today more than ever you need to make sure every single email lands in the inbox, not the spam box.


This app has been designed from the ground up to provide a total solution...

  • It's cloud-based so nothing to install and no technical knowledge required.

  • We knew we had to make this copy and paste simple.

  • Build in the key protocols to automatically authenticate emails sent from the app.

We created a simple but ingenious pre-configured template setup that enables you to create and verify all the essential components to obtain trusted sender reputation.

This is an amazing opportunity to send emails like the pros and really start to put your email marketing efforts onto the next level with no monthly fees.