This is an expert video course on the secret process used by experts behind the scenes to make millions online. You about to get your hands on the super viral to secret funnel strategies that can attract thousands of subscribers and make a 4 figure income each day.

I am literally going to draw these out right in front of you so you'll know exactly how to repeat my success. Making money online just got 1000 times easier for you. Funnels are the key to a successful online business.

I’m talking about lead funnels and sales funnels of course. They are equally important because one builds your list and the others make you money. The problem is that most people “THINK” they can build a funnel but after putting in the time they don’t get any significant results.

You see there are A LOT of different ways to assemble a funnel and not all ways are gonna work for every niche, every product, and every audience. Funnels need to be tested and tweaked to perfection over time and that requires a steady flow of traffic.

To most new marketers the word “traffic” makes them cringe. They cringe because they suck at it. They suck at it because of their scared of it. They’re scared cause they don’t know how to get it.

Omar and Melinda Martin had this same problem but they kept at it until they “cracked the code” so to speak. They built the traffic source right into the funnel pages so that every new visitor attracts more visitors automatically.

Honestly, it’s pretty freakin clever. They call it a VIRAL FUNNEL and you can use it to build your list, to make sales or BOTH. I’ve watched them do this and it’s VERY impressive.

They have a launch sale right now for their video training and here are the 3 parts you can get:

#1 Funnel Boss teaches you right on your screen how they do this crazy funnel stuff.

#2 Funnel Boss VIP Club gives you pre-made funnel templates and traffic plugins and membership site software.

#3 Funnel Boss Pro Kit gives you some crazy advanced site building stuff that will blow your mind.

Like…. Poof - Mind Blown!

Dead simple, you’ll want to kick yourself For not already doing this stuff. Funnel Boss has everything you need to get rockin’ successful funnels that will make a real difference in your business.


You're about to watch within this video course all of the ninja funnel hacks and tricks that you can swipe and deploy to make fast money every day.

Some features and lesson you'll be learning within this video course are the following:

  • What Is The Heck A Sales Funnel?

    Dismisses the common misconception that kills most funnels.

  • The Viral Lead Funnel

    This video will reveal a little-known tactic that constantly attracts NEW traffic.

  • The Viral Trust Funnel

    This one method will create passive income for you every single month.

  • The Viral Sales Funnel

    This method makes you more money from every product launch and every bonus offer.

  • Download Page vs. Welcome Page

    Learn when and where to use the most profitable page.

  • Anatomy Of A Members Area

    Discover the true power of laying out your material inside a members area.

  • Assembling A Business Funnel

    This is the most important funnel you could ever learn to create.