Instantly create hundreds of highly responsive titles and headlines for any content you want. The one-click software gives you instant access to thousands of proven titles and headlines for any content you need. Fresh Title will automatically generate a proven title or headline for any content you want using 4 powerful built-in tools.

Fresh Title puts high-traffic proven titles and headlines in your hands.

  • Most business owners are paying thousands to hire professional copywriters to create titles and headlines.

  • But, you can skip the "copywriting growing pains" by instantly generating proven headlines you can simply plug directly into your content right now.

  • Choose from over 830 proven headline combinations for any offer, topic, niche or any other type of content you can think of.

  • Or, search the MASSIVE 350,000+ internal database of powerful headlines to come up with more content ideas.

  • Plus, we integrated an additional 75,000+ proven email subject lines including thousands we've used in our business.

  • Use Fresh Title for press releases, forum posts, blog posts, Facebook ads, Facebook posts, email subject lines or any other content you can think of.

It's also perfect for coming up with new content ideas or new niche topics to explore! For example, use the massive swipe bank to come up with endless article topic ideas, submit those articles, and enjoy the free traffic to your sites.

The software is not cloud based so you don't have to worry about memory hogging downloads. Fresh Title is simple and runs without an internet connection! Plus, it works on both PC and Mac computers.


Instant Title Builder

Quickly generate over 830 powerful & proven titles or headlines by answering a few simple questions about your product, service, or subject!

HUGE Swipe Bank

Get instant access to over 350,000 proven headlines and over 70,000 email subject lines for an endless source of content ideas!

Real-Time News Headlines

Search the latest news headlines by keyword from Google and Bing for instant fresh new ideas for your content. In a hurry? We got you covered, simply click the "Latest Headlines" for the latest top news headlines.

My Titles Database

Save all your best titles and headlines in your own personal database. You can even rate and categorize your content. Plus, quickly swap out words for synonyms using the built-in thesaurus for fresh unique content in a flash.

Need Quick Edits for Fresh Unique Content?

Use the Built-In Thesaurus to Instantly Swap out Synonym Words in a Flash!

Bonus Software - Title Analyzer

Title Analyzer is a new breakthrough software that can tell you if a given headline will convert well or totally suck. Imagine knowing which one of your headlines will convert more clicks, leads, and sales without even testing.